Classes Provided

*Anger Management Classes*

(Idabel location only)
(12 weeks)

The goal of anger management is to reduce both your emotional feelings and
the physiological arousal that anger causes. If an immediate reaction to a
difficult situation is to act aggressively, it can be hard to imagine it’s
possible to control anger outbursts. By exploring emotional flare-ups and
working to understand what the needs were at the time and what a person was
able or unable to achieve, one can train oneself to respond differently to
challenging events by learning how to shorten the time it takes the
fight-or-flight portion of your brain, the amygdala, to send messages to
the logical, rational portion of the brain, the prefrontal cortex.

The anger management class helps participants learn how to train themselves
to think and interpret situations differently while gaining a
better understanding of their anger, and cognitive restructuring.
Participants learn problem-solving skills, how to manage stress more
effectively, how to communicate more effectively, deal with conflict more
productively, improve coping skills, develop and strengthen skills that
help self-control over thoughts and actions, learn calming techniques and
healthier ways to express anger, and gain the ability to stop violence or
threats of violence.

The course can help participants live a healthier lifestyle, develop
healthier relationships with loved ones and help with issues at work with
an employer, employees, and/or colleagues. It’s especially beneficial when
working with the public in any capacity.

*Sex Offender Classes*
*(Hugo and Idabel locations)*

*Parenting Classes*
*(coming soon)*

*Batterer's Intervention Program*
*(coming soon)*

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